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On September 10, 2007 the new Kim C. Hammond judicial center opened for business.We supply a sworn deputy at the main public entrance to assist private security in law enforcement issues. We also man the security cameras and alarms, and provide baillifs for the courtrooms and judges security.

Courtroom bailiff's provide security for the judges and maintain order in the court while protecting the dignity and decorum of the courtroom. Sworn deputies and civilian employees of the Sheriff's Office monitor a very sophisticated security system within the complex constantly watching and monitoring the different offices within the complex.

Utilizing the on going training and up to date procedures provided by the sheriff's men and woman provide a safe and secure courthouse for all of Flagler County's citizens who visit this beautiful complex daily.


Flagler County Sheriff Judicial Process Division
Kim C. Hammond Justice Center

1769 E. Moody Bldv Bldg. 1
Bunnell, FL 32110
PH: (386) 313-4340
Fx: (386) 437-4292
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Who We Are

The Flagler Sheriff's Office Civil Unit carries out the Sheriff's statutory responsibility for the service of process and execution of writs. These judicial process documents originate from the courts, governmental agencies and private attorneys in Florida and throughout the United States.

The Civil Unit also enforces levies and conducts Sheriff's sales to aid in the collection of money judgments. Annually, the Civil Unit processes and serves more than 3,000 documents.

For information about having your documents served, call the Civil Unit at 386-313-4340 (Monday thru Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.) or visit the Front Counter at 1769 E Moody Blvd Bldg. 1, Bunnell, FL 32110 (Monday thru Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.).

Foreign Process – We do not accept out of state processes. You will be referred to the National Association Private Process Servers website for further assistance. The Flagler County Sheriff's Office serves process under Florida Statute 48.

You may mail your civil documents with the service fee to the Flagler County Sheriff's Office, Civil Division, 1769 E. Moody Blvd., Bldg. 1, Bunnell, FL 32110.

Please note that the Civil Unit does not provide legal advice or assist in the preparation of documents.

Fees for service of process are fixed by Florida Statute 30.231 and are nonrefundable.

For process of service, at a minimum you must provide the Civil Unit with the Original process or certified copy with a copy for service for each individual, the best address available where the document is to be served, a self-addressed stamped envelope, if a Sheriff's return or affidavit is requested, and the mandated fee with a reasonable cost deposit, if applicable.

Personal checks are not accepted.  Only cashier checks, money orders or cash will be accepted through the mail from private individuals. Business Checks will be accepted from Attorney(s) of Record.

Documents for service not properly issued or those with incorrect fees or incorrect payment will be returned.


Civil Returns

Overview: The Civil Department has a very broad function at the Flagler County Sheriff’s Office. We currently employ three (3) clerical positions plus two (2) sworn Civil Deputies, one (1) part-time sworn Deputy, and one (1) civilian process server, along with one (1) volunteer.

Primary Function: The main function of the Civil Department is to serve process, which includes non-enforceable papers and enforceable papers. The office staff receives and processes the paperwork for the deputies to serve. The majority of our papers are non-enforceable. Currently, the non-enforceable papers average 300 per month and the enforceable papers average 150 per month.

Quick attention to this paperwork is the Civil Department’s number one priority. The Civil Department is also responsible to the public, either in person at the Sheriff’s Office or by telephone, to give the most current information and updates on service and to clearly explain our policies and procedures as we follow the Rules of Civil Procedure and the Florida Statutes. However, the Department does not have attorneys and, therefore, we cannot give legal advice.

Fees:The following fees are charged by the Civil Department.

Note:Fees are charged upon receipt of civil process when each “request for service” is made and, by Florida Statute, these fees are non-refundable. Fees are based on one defendant or respondent or witness; the fee is per party served. Fees must be paid by cash, money order or business checks. NO PERSONAL CHECKS, CREDIT CARDS, OR DEBIT CARDS.

Non Enforceable:Summons, Subpoenas, Notices, Garnishments, Notices of Tax Sale, and all other non-enforceable including alias and pluries - $40.00

*The Flagler County Sheriff’s Office does not serve out of state non-enforceable papers. You must contact a private process server to serve these papers. A list of all certified process can be found at (National Association of Private Process Servers).

 Enforceable: Writs of Replevin, Writs of Bodily Attachment, and Writs of Possession -       $90.00
Levy Minimum Cost Deposits:
Vehicles, small boats and small trucks $2,500
Large trucks and large boats                $3,000
Real Property                                        $750

*The advance cost deposits may be more substantial if additional costs must be incurred, such as locksmith, electrician, heavy equipment operator, etc. However, the cost deposit includes the following statutory fees.

Personal Property (i.e. Household or Office Furnishings): 

Deposit amounts will vary depending on the quantity and size of the items being levied upon. A complete inventory list will need to be seen by the Levy Clerk of the Civil Department before an amount is determined.

Sheriff’s Fees for Levy:
Sheriff’s levy or demand of property        $50.00
Preparing Newspaper Advertisement      $40.00
Certified Mail to all Parties                     Costs will vary
Holding Sheriff’s Sale                             $40.00 per sale
Bill of Sale or Sheriff’s Deed                   $40.00
Satisfaction of Judgment                        $40.00
Filing/Recording fee                               Actual Clerk of Court fees
Processing Writ and Preparing File         $40.00

**Filing fee paid to Clerk of Court and is required for both notice and release of levy, PLUS actual expenses incurred for newspaper advertisement, storage, haulage, and $35.00 per hour per officer stand-by fee. Actual costs may be more or less. After costs are paid for levy, the balance of cost deposit is refundable.

Please make business checks and money orders out to the Flagler County Sheriff’s Office.

Documents and fees can be mailed or hand delivered (Monday thru Friday, 8:30 am to 4:00 p.m.) to:

Flagler County Sheriff’s Office
Attn: Civil Department
1769 E. Moody Blvd., Bldg. 1
Bunnell, FL 32110
However, if you have specific questions please contact our office:
Supervisor: Cpl. E. Allen - 386-313-4302
Peggy Mrus (Judicial Processing) - 386-313-4340
Paula Rose - 386-313-4340
Nancy Birdsong (Warrants Division) - 386-313-4302

About Us

The Flagler County Sheriff's Office has the solemn duty of serving and protecting the citizens of our great county.

Address: 901 East Moody Blvd, Bunnell, FL 32110
Phone: (386) 437-4116 
Fax: (386) 586-4820

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