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Social security numbers were originally intended solely for the administration of the Social Security System, but have become widely used for a variety of other purposes, including identity verification.  Unfortunately, they have been used as a tool to perpetuate fraud and identity theft. 

The Flagler County Sheriff's Office (FCSO) collects social security numbers for various purposes.  All social security numbers collected by the FCSO are confidential and exempt from Florida’s public records act.  Pursuant to Florida State Statute 119.071, a public agency in Florida may request a social security number from an individual only when it is specifically authorized by law to do so, or when the collection is imperative for the performance of that agency’s duties and responsibilities as prescribed by law. These numbers may be disclosed to another agency or governmental entity if disclosure is necessary for the receiving agency or entity to perform its duties and responsibilities.

The FCSO collects social security numbers under the following circumstances:

A.       Requesting Social Security Numbers:

1.    While several individuals may have the same name, date of birth and/or physical characteristics, a Social Security Number is one unique identifier that can distinguish between such individuals.

2.    It is essential to make every effort to positively identify the correct individual before depriving an individual of the right to liberty.

3.    It is also essential to the safety of the community that persons applying for employment with the FCSO are fully investigated to ensure persons with inappropriate criminal backgrounds or untrustworthiness are not employed.

4.    The FCSO may request the Social Security number of an individual for the following purposes:

a.   Applicant process.

b.   Arrest intake/booking/registration process.

c.   Arrest affidavit completion.

d.   Criminal investigations.

e.   Field Interview reports.

f.    Background checks.

g.   Application to qualify with a firearm pursuant to HR-218.

h.   Fingerprinting.

i.    For any other purpose deemed imperative for the performance of duties and responsibilities prescribed by law.

5.    Requesting or recording of Social Security numbers from any other individuals is not permitted.


B.       Purpose for the collection of a Social Security Number:

1.        To verify identity.

2.        To conduct employment background investigations.

3.        For wanted person, driver’s license and criminal history inquiries.

4.        For payroll, employee benefits, worker’s compensation, and retirement purposes.

5.        For reporting purposes of Federal withholding taxes and Social Security Administration payments for employees.

6.        For any other purpose deemed imperative for the performance of duties and responsibilities prescribed by law.



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