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Sergeant Mike Lutz

Sergeant Mike Lutz

Community Outreach

Fraud Alerts 

The Community Services Division was created in 2007 and was the result of forward thinking to provide a Law Enforcement Officer/Crime Prevention Practitioner dedicated to educating the community in the area of crime prevention. Some of the duties for this position are as follows:

Neighborhood Watch:
Currently facilitating 40 groups. These active groups are mainly concentrated in the Palm Coast area. Palm Coast has the largest population base in Flagler County. Since the Neighborhood Watch program's inception in Flagler County it has remained successful. The primary goal is for neighbors to get to know each other, look out for one another, and report all suspicious activity in their neighborhoods to the Sheriff's Office. They know they are the extra eyes and ears for the Sheriff's Office and play a vital role in the safety and well being of everyone in their neighborhood. Our Neighborhood Watch meetings are always educational both for the Sheriff's Office and the citizens as we keep the lines of communication open by sharing ideas and possible solutions to problem areas. The program is also another way to get information out about issues occurring outside the scope of the neighborhoods such as Identity Theft, Fraud scams and other crimes prevalent in todays society. If you would like to start a Neighborhood Watch in your area or would like more information please call 386-586-2623.

Speaking Engagements:
The Speakers Bureau is a responsibility that falls under the Community Services Division. Speaking engagements are conducted on topics such as Personal Safety, Identity Theft, Fraud, Gang Activity and Narcotics at local Civic organizations as well as Neighborhood Watch groups. If you would like someone from the Speakers Bureau to speak to your group please call 386-586-2623.

Citizens Academy:
The mission of the Flagler County Sheriff's Office Citizen Academy is to develop partnerships between the Flagler County Sheriff's Office and the community it serves. We will achieve this goal by providing participants with insight and a realistic understanding of Sheriff's Office procedures and operations.

Primary Objectives are to increase communication and build a relationship of trust and understanding between the Sheriff's Department and the citizens of our community. Provide education and insight to citizens of the community concerning the job functions and duties of a law enforcement deputy. Create a non-threatening setting for citizens to share their concerns with Sheriff's Office employees. Fosters, over time, a growing pool of well informed "graduates" who will share newly acquired knowledge and insight with others. Build a pool of alumni graduates that could support the agency as volunteers or with community fundraisers.

Crime Prevention Training:
Training in this area is ongoing as it is important to bring forth to the community the latest in crime trends. KEEPING YOU INFORMED KEEPS YOU FROM BECOMING A VICTIM.

Communities Against Senior Exploitation:
This training sponsored by the Florida Crime Prevention Association has enabled the Flagler County Sheriff's Office to be proactive in the fight against Fraud instead of acting only after a crime has occurred.

Crime Prevention Practitioner:
Three phases of this training sponsored by the Florida Attorney General's Office has enabled the Flagler County Sheriff's Office to conduct security surveys of your residence or business free of charge showing you how you can better protect your property using simple cost saving methods.

Public Information Assist:
The Community Services division also assists in Public Information and works with media outlets providing information and on camera interviews.




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