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Sergeant Adam Biss, Accreditation Manager 



Mrs. Michele Bagnoli, Accreditation Specalist


Accreditation is a voluntary process which provides a systematic review and assessment of the agency and all of its policies and procedures. By obtaining and maintaining accreditation, the agency strengthens crime prevention and control capabilities and is able to formalize essential management procedures, as well as establishing fair and nondiscriminatory personnel practices.

Accreditation enhances community understanding of the Flagler County Sheriff's Office (FCSO) and its role in the community, as well as its goals and objectives. Citizen confidence in the policies and practices of the FCSO is also increased. Moreover, accreditation assists with improving service-delivery, solidifying interagency cooperation and coordination and reduces civil claims against the FCSO.

The Accreditation Unit is a component of the Operational Support Section and is staffed by Sergeant Adam Biss and Mrs. Michele Bagnoli. The primary mission of the Accreditation Unit is to maintain the agency's state law enforcement accreditation which was initially awarded to the FCSO on February 9, 2005 by the Commission for Florida Law Enforcement Accreditation, Inc. (CFA). Since that date, the agency has been reaccredited three times; once in February 2008, once in September 2011, and finally in October 2015. The FCSO is currently seeking to obtian FLA-TAC Accreditation, a first for the Communiations Center in February 2016. The Accreditation Unit is also responsible for reviewing and maintaining the agency's written general orders and all forms used by the FCSO.

Although maintaining strict compliance with Florida Model Jail Standards and other mandated initiatives, due to its age and building constraints, the current jail is unable to meet all of the accreditation standards, and thus cannot obtain accreditation. However, with the leadership of Sheriff Staly and with the support of the County Commission, the FCSO will soon be operating a new jail, one fully capable of obtaining state accreditation offered by the Florida Corrections Accreditation Commission (FCAC) sometime in 2017. This will be a first in the history of the FCSO. 

If anyone needs additional information on our accreditation process, they are urged to contact Sergeant Biss at 386-586-4825, or via email at


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